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Thank you for your interest in our students in the School of Chemical Sciences (SCS). The SCS Career Services office can assist your company in planning and executing a successful recruiting visit for full-time, co-op, semester internship, and summer internship employment opportunities.

Interviews scheduled through SCS Career Services are held in Noyes Lab, 505 S. Mathews Avenue in Urbana. See travel information for directions and maps. If you have interviews scheduled with Engineering Career Services and would like to interview in DCL, please contact our office at (217) 333-1051.

Note: You will receive a packet with your printed schedule and student resumes when you arrive on campus for your interviews. Also, interview schedules are subject to change up to four days in advance of the schedule.

Information sessions scheduled through SCS Career Services generally are held in Noyes Lab, 505 S. Mathews Avenue in Urbana or the Illini Union, 1401 W. Green Street in Urbana.

Noyes Lab

For information sessions in Noyes Lab, the SCS Career Services office will schedule the meeting room.

There is no charge for the room.


Arrangements for refreshments can be made by calling any restaurant for delivery. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in Noyes Lab. Popular pizza restaurants that deliver:

Rosati’s Pizza (217) 328-2334
Papa John’s Pizza (217) 355-5858
Antonio’s Pizza (217) 365-9500
Domino’s Pizza (217) 355-0717

If you would like something other than pizza, please call Classic Events Catering at (217) 367-7118.

Room Set-up

Your room will be set up theatre style.

Visual Aids

Audio Visual equipment is available; however, you must bring your own laptop or flash drive. If Audio Visual equipment is needed, please contact our office at (217) 333-1051.

Illini Union

For information sessions in the Illini Union, SCS Career Services will schedule the meeting room only.

There is a charge for the room. Fees are based upon the room, but will typically be between $22.00 and $45.00. The Illini Union will bill you directly. If you have any questions, call the Illini Union at (217) 333-0691. Their address is 1401 W. Green Street, Urbana, IL 61801.


Arrangements for refreshments MUST be made through the Illini Union Catering department at least three (3) weeks prior to your event by calling (217) 333-0126. No food from outside vendors will be allowed. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Illini Union building.

Room Set-up

Your room will be set up theatre style. You will not be able to get into the room until ½ hour before your scheduled time. If you need special arrangements, call the Illini Union directly at (217) 333-0691. On the day of your event, you are encouraged to contact the Building Supervisor (217) 244-4518 if you need assistance outside of regular office hours related to the room, set up and equipment you requested.

Visual Aids

Arrangements for audio visual equipment must be made through the Illini Union Media Services department by calling (217) 333-0891. There will be a charge. Reservations must be made at least three (3) weeks in advance to assure availability and delivery. You must have your FEIN (Federal Tax ID) number when you call.

Employer’s Resource Guide

For additional information, download our Resource Guide.